Pan - United Concrete Pte. Ltd

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Pan - United Concrete Pte. Ltd


  12 Kaki Bukit Crescent, Kaki Bukit Techpark 1, Singapore 416243

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  Pan - United Concrete Pte Ltd has environmental friendly products that have been awarded green label by Singapore Environment Council. We are constantly looking into developing green building products and monitoring its carbon foot print.

Singapore Green Building Council Membership

Founding Member

Since 2009

Certificate Number Category Rating Valid Till Brand Model(s)
SGBP 2019-2027 Civil & Structural > Concrete > Ready-Mixed Concrete 9 February 2021 PanU-Green I GI C25/30, GI C28/35, GI C30/37, GI(R) C25/30, GI(R) C28/35, GI (R) C30/37, GI(W) C25/30, GI(W) C28/35, GI(W) C30/37, GI(RW) C25/30, GI(RW) C28/35, GI(RW) C30/37
SGBP 2019-2028 Civil & Structural > Concrete > Ready-Mixed Concrete 9 February 2021 PanU-Eco EC C6/8, EC C8/10. EC C12/15, EC C16/20, EC C20/25, EC(R) C6/8, EC(R) C8/10. EC(R) C12/15, EC(R) C16/20, EC(R) C20/25, EC(W) C6/8, EC(W) C8/10. EC(W) C12/15, EC(W) C16/20, EC(W) C20/25, EC(RW) C6/8, EC(RW) C8/10. EC(RW) C12/15, EC(RW) C16/20, EC(RW) C20/25
SGBP 2019-2029 Civil & Structural > Concrete > Ready-Mixed Concrete 9 February 2021 PanU-Green IIA GIIA C25/30, GIIA C28/35, GIIA C30/37, GIIA C32/40, GIIA C35/45, GIIA C40/50, GIIA C45/55, GIIA C50/60, GIIA(R) C25/30, GIIA(R) C28/35, GIIA(R) C30/37, GIIA(R) C32/40, GIIA(R) C35/45, GIIA(R) C40/50, GIIA(R) C45/55, GIIA(R) C50/60, GIIA(W) C25/30, GIIA(W) C28/35, GIIA(W) C30/37, GIIA(W) C32/40, GIIA(W) C35/45, GIIA(W) C40/50, GIIA(W) C45/55, GIIA(W) C50/60, GIIA(RW) C25/30, GIIA(RW) C28/35, GIIA(RW) C30/37, GIIA(RW) C32/40, GIIA(RW) C35/45, GIIA(RW) C40/50, GIIA(RW) C45/55, GIIA(RW) C50/60
SGBP 2019-2030 Civil & Structural > Concrete > Ready-Mixed Concrete 9 February 2021 PanU-Green IIB GIIB C25/30, GIIB C28/35, GIIB C30/37, GIIB C32/40, GIIB C35/45, GIIB C40/50, GIIB C45/55, GIIB C50/60, GIIB(R) C25/30, GIIB(R) C28/35, GIIB(R) C30/37, GIIB(R) C32/40, GIIB(R) C35/45, GIIB(R) C40/50, GIIB(R) C45/55, GIIB(R) C50/60, GIIB(W) C25/30, GIIB(W) C28/35, GIIB(W) C30/37, GIIB(W) C32/40, GIIB(W) C35/45, GIIB(W) C40/50, GIIB(W) C45/55, GIIB(W) C50/60, GIIB(RW) C25/30, GIIB(RW) C28/35, GIIB(RW) C30/37, GIIB(RW) C32/40, GIIB(RW) C35/45, GIIB(RW) C40/50, GIIB(RW) C45/55, GIIB(RW) C50/60
SGBP 2019-2031 Civil & Structural > Concrete > Ready-Mixed Concrete 9 February 2021 PanU-Green IIIA GIIIA C25/30, GIIIA C28/35, GIIIA C30/37, GIIIA C32/40, GIIIA C35/45, GIIIA C40/50, GIIIA C45/55, GIIIA C50/60, GIIIA C55/67, GIIIA C60/75, GIIIA C65/80, GIIIA C70/85, GIIIA C80/95, GIIIA(R) C25/30, GIIIA(R) C28/35, GIIIA(R) C30/37, GIIIA(R) C32/40, GIIIA(R) C35/45, GIIIA(R) C40/50, GIIIA(R) C45/55, GIIIA(R) C50/60, GIIIA(R) C55/67, GIIIA(R) C60/75, GIIIA(R) C65/80, GIIIA(R) C70/85, GIIIA(R) C80/95, GIIIA(W) C25/30, GIIIA(W) C28/35, GIIIA(W) C30/37, GIIIA(W) C32/40, GIIIA(W) C35/45, GIIIA(W) C40/50, GIIIA(W) C45/55, GIIIA(W) C50/60, GIIIA(W) C55/67, GIIIA(W) C60/75, GIIIA(W) C65/80, GIIIA(W) C70/85, GIIIA(W) C80/95 GIIIA(RW) C25/30, GIIIA(RW) C28/35, GIIIA(RW) C30/37, GIIIA(RW) C32/40, GIIIA(RW) C35/45, GIIIA(RW) C40/50, GIIIA(RW) C45/55, GIIIA(RW) C50/60, GIIIA(RW) C55/67, GIIIA(RW) C60/75, GIIIA(RW) C65/80, GIIIA(RW) C70/85, GIIIA(RW) C80/95
SGBP 2019-2032 Civil & Structural > Concrete > Ready-Mixed Concrete 9 February 2021 PanU-Green IIIB GIIIB C25/30, GIIIB C28/35, GIIIB C30/37, GIIIB C32/40, GIIIB C35/45, GIIIB C40/50, GIIIB C45/55, GIIIB C50/60, GIIIB C55/67, GIIIB C60/75, GIIIB C65/80, GIIIB C70/85, GIIIB C80/95, GIIIB C85/100 GIIIB(R) C25/30, GIIIB(R) C28/35, GIIIB(R) C30/37, GIIIB(R) C32/40, GIIIB(R) C35/45, GIIIB(R) C40/50, GIIIB(R) C45/55, GIIIB(R) C50/60, GIIIB(R) C55/67, GIIIB(R) C60/75, GIIIB(R) C65/80, GIIIB(R) C70/85, GIIIB(R) C80/95, GIIIB(R) C85/100 , GIIIB(W) C25/30, GIIIB(W) C28/35, GIIIB(W) C30/37, GIIIB(W) C32/40, GIIIB(W) C35/45, GIIIB(W) C40/50, GIIIB(W) C45/55, GIIIB(W) C50/60, GIIIB(W) C55/67, GIIIB(W) C60/75, GIIIB(W) C65/80, GIIIB(W) C70/85, GIIIB(W) C80/95, GIIIB(W) C85/100 GIIIB(RW) C25/30, GIIIB(RW) C28/35, GIIIB(RW) C30/37, GIIIB(RW) C32/40, GIIIB(RW) C35/45, GIIIB(RW) C40/50, GIIIB(RW) C45/55, GIIIB(RW) C50/60, GIIIB(RW) C55/67, GIIIB(RW) C60/75, GIIIB(RW) C65/80, GIIIB(RW) C70/85, GIIIB(RW) C80/95, GIIIB(RW) C85/100